Amore in Italy

Hello again lovelies! Thank you for coming back to my blog if you’re already a follower, or if you’re new: welcome! First off I want to thank you all so much for the support I’ve had already. This feels like a little internet family, everyone has been so kind! I also have an Instagram account @coffeeeandcreamblog , please follow it for updates!

Onto what my post is about. Last month I actually went on holiday to Venice, Italy. I can tell you it is my favourite place I have ever been, simply dreamy. I took a lot of photos while I was there so I thought I would share the experience with you!

We took a trip down the canal in a gondola, while the gondolier sang to us in soothing Italian, telling tales of the city along the way.

The skies were crystal clear, elated tourists snapping photos, admiring the beautiful scenery around them.

We wandered around the streets, stopping at a cute café for a cappuccino, experiencing the local culture, and of course had to get a cone of gelato to cool us down under the scorching heat of the sun. (When in Italy, am I right?)

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) had to be the busiest place there. The Cathedral is so huge, it was nearly impossible to get a full photo of it! I decided to share this one of it close up though. The Architecture was stunning.

The Bridge of Sighs was also a popular monument to visit, so of course I had to photograph it as it looked so beautiful!

As soon as I set foot in Venice, I honestly fell in love with it. Not only did I take away pizza, pasta and countless photographs, but perfect memories that I hope to relive some day. I think it is such a unique city, and a must see for you, my other readers, and everyone else!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed!

Comment below what your favourite place you’ve travelled to is!

Love CoffeeeAndCream x

52 thoughts on “Amore in Italy

  1. OH MY GOD! I love all of the pictures you took. They are all so beautiful.Also your blog is amazing and I am defiantly going to follow. I cannot wait to read all of your upcoming posts!


      1. Me too! I’ve only been doing this a couple of weeks but I love it! It just takes me ages to decide what to write about because I want it to be interesting , I don’t want to bore people, just wish I could upload more regularly!xx


  2. If you are still in Italy my favourite place was Florence. So many beautiful buildings, sculptures and artwork. Michael Angelo’s “David” is there along with his other works. Even the unfinished statues are magnificent. It is a beautiful city. Your lovely photos reminded me of Venice. I hope you stay around this time. Blogs take time and you are doing so well. I am glad you are here.


  3. this is amazing! I visited Italy years ago with my mom and brother and we went all over the place, including Venice! I remember eating my weight in pizza, getting to drink wine at the table!! (I was like 10 it was awesome), and gelato.
    So glad I visited this unique city before all of the crazy amounts of tourists and rising waters in the canals. Did you get a chance to visit Murano? It’s an island where they make all of this beautiful hand blown glass… definitely check it out!


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