Olly Olly Olly! (Oi Oi Oi!)

Hello lovely readers! I know I began my last post with this but THANK YOU! I just hit 100 followers today, how insane is that! This family is growing so quickly, it’s only been half a week afterall! If you’re new today or have been following me for a few days, thank you for the support, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I really love to write so it’s a blessing that people actually want to read my posts. I have so many ideas I want to use, so please stay tuned for the future.

On Saturday night, I was kindly given two free tickets to see Olly Murs at Féile Festival 2018 (or Féile an Phobail: Festival of the people), an outdoor concert in my city, and this year happened to be its 30th anniversary. Can I just say, WHAT A GUY. Olly is so funny, and I must say has very interesting dance moves! I’m so excited because he announced his new album is coming out later this year, but last night he just sang his hits that most of you probably know, such as Heart Skips a Beat, Troublemaker, and of course, Dance with me Tonight.

I took some photos of my outfit (I actually wore the faux leather jacket from my recent Primark haul)!

These are so posey, so not used to it aah!

The support acts were a local band who’s name I can’t remember (sorry!), and Ryan Sheridan, a singer from County Monaghan I believe. Although it was annoying we didn’t know their songs, so couldn’t have a singalong, I love how they get local artists to come and perform, great to hear!

It was cold and rainy so people were bundled up in coats and ponchos, which I didn’t know where they got them from so ended up soaked! I’m also obsessed with the little girl below’s rainbow coat! It looked so cute so of course I just HAD to take a photo!

After the support acts had finished we took a break to wait in a very long line for chips. We waited for upwards of 20 minutes for 1). The electricity shut off in the food vans! And 2). The Chippy man told me there were no chips left when I got to the front (Even though I could see 3 bags of them??) but he ended up giving me some so it was all good! I didn’t end up eating many of them though because then Olly came on and I just wanted to have a dance and sing along!

Now for the main event

This. Man. Is. INCREDIBLE. I honestly forgot how much I loved him until Saturday night! He’s just so funny and had hilarious dance moves. I recommend checking out some of his Instagram posts for a laugh if you’re feeling down! After singing his hit songs and a 90s throwback mashup, it ended with him ripping off his shirt and hurling it into the crowd. Mmm we love sweaty clothes.

To conclude this post, here is a video of him singing Troublemaker! I know it’s terrible quality but the rain was getting on my camera and the lights wouldn’t let me focus it very well! However, if you look closely you might get a glimpse of his dance moves!

Thanks for reading lovelies, I had a great time at the concert!

If you’ve been to a concert, who has been your favourite artist to watch? If not, who would you like to see most?

Love, CoffeeeAndCream x

43 thoughts on “Olly Olly Olly! (Oi Oi Oi!)

  1. Loved reading this, you’re so relatable! And you have killer style!
    I recently visited Ireland and Scotland (ok a few years ago with parents) but I fell in LOVE with all things Ireland and have this need to go back and fill the void I have now!
    Hoping I can grow my followers just like you girl, keep rockin! xoLauren

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  2. Congrats on 100! That’s an amazing achievement! I’m really loving your blog and speaking of that.. Olly Murs! wowee! that’s so lucky, i would love to see him! can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂 sophie x


  3. I’ve just stumbled across your blog ! Congrats on the success already! I’m currently on day 2 and I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing! I would love any tips you have for getting started , how did you engage and attract people ? Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! I guess I just read other people’s blog posts and comment on them, it really helps when you engage with your audience, because your blog feels more personal and relateable:) x


  4. Congratulations on 100 followers ,you really deserved it ,plus I’m so jealous you got to see Olly murs ,love his songs especially Trouble Maker

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