A trek up Divis Mountain

Welcome back lovely readers! Yesterday my friend, my mum and I decided to take a walk up one of Northern Ireland’s many beautiful mountains, Divis. The dogs came too, and let me tell you that they were EXHAUSTED by the end (Maybe that’s because one of them is around 90 in dog years)!

As per usual I took a lot of photos so I’m going to share them with you!

It was quite a gloomy day, but thankfully the rain held off for us. The beginning of the trail is super easy, we like to go here because the dogs can get in a good walk and a sniff around! Plus, the view at the end is beautiful (pictures to come)!

I really recommend the Summit trail, if any of you are from Northern Ireland or are visiting, it’s the best place to see the view of Belfast below you. You get to see Holywood on one side, Whitehead on the other and view of the docks and Harland and Wolff in front.

Along the way we bumped into many cows. The dogs did not like them very much, proceeding to bark and growl at them, scaring the poor things off! When we got back to the bottom of the mountain we talked to a woman who told us a cow had actually killed a dog walker before (scary stuff), so thanks to my dogs, we could’ve been killed, yay.

(We weren’t though, so it’s ok, I lived to tell the story!)

I’m very proud of this old man for making the whole walk! To get to the top you have to walk over a lot of rocks and in his old age it’s a tough challenge! Let’s take a moment of respect for him by looking at this picture of him waiting for a treat:)

Meanwhile, the puppy was running around and exploring EVERYTHING. She’s never been here before so it was a fun new experience. When walking over the rocks she tried to find an easier way around but just ended up jumping over all of them!

Now for the view…

These photos definitely don’t do it justice, but it was really pretty. Coming up here on a sunny day would be breathtaking. It’s really not that hard to climb either, anyone could do it. There’s a different path for the way down too so you don’t have to even step over any more rocks.

I thought this photo was so funny! She just wouldn’t stop moving around when I tried to take photos of her, but I got a few good or funny ones like this.

Next time we’re thinking about going to the Mournes, probably the most famous mountain range here, but I don’t know if we’ll bring the dogs! I really love walking up the mountains. Here in NI, everyday I hear people say how boring our country is, which I sometimes find myself saying, but there are some hidden beauties and mountains here. You just have to make the effort to visit the places. I do love that anywhere you want to go is within an hour or two’s drive. I might make a post in the future about the best places to visit if you want to read that?

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? Where are you from?

Lots of Love, CoffeeeAndCream x

41 thoughts on “A trek up Divis Mountain

  1. Lovely view and adorable dogs. I love walking in the countryside- I used to go on holiday to the lake district and loved it. Always had my waterproof jacket though 😂
    I have never been to Northern Ireland but would love too.


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