Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow

Happy Saturday my loves! Today I’m going to be showing you a warm toned eyeshadow look using orange and brown shades (hence the “pumpkin spice”). I’m sure you’ve all heard of the gorgeous Morphe 35O palette, it’s what I used on my eyes today. If you haven’t heard of it; first of all where have you been?! And second, please check it out you’re missing out on the beauty!!!

I’m always messing around and experimenting with makeup and decided to come up with a look for a tutorial last Sunday. Warm toned eyeshadows are my favourites to wear, and you’ll often find me wearing similar looks when I go out. Also please excuse my eyebrows in the closeup photos, they need waxed!! This is my first proper makeup tutorial other than my school makeup but I didn’t take photos for that one so I hope you like it.

I took photos along the way to show you what I did, and I really like the end result so let’s get into it!

First of all I took the shade on the top row, third from the right and ran it through my crease and kind of brought it up towards my eyebrow.

Next, I took the shade under that just to add more definition and focused it more on the outer part of the crease and eyelid.

I then used the most beautiful burnt orange shade on the top right and ran it through the outer crease and eyelid and blended it towards the centre. The colour screams autumn!

Now comes the shimmery shades! The first one I used is the bottom right brownish red colour which I accidentally stuck my nail in (rip). I used a packing brush to put it in the centre of my eyelid and blended it slightly outwards.

I took the pink shimmer shade third row down, second from the right. I packed it on the inner part of my lid and into the corner to highlight it.

To finish off I wiped away the fallout and blended everything together just to make it cleaner, added mascara and and a little bit of the orange under my eye!

There you have it everyone, my pumpkin spice eyeshadow look. I really love how it looks and you can really wear it to town or if you’re going out and it’s perfect for the season with the warm toned shades.

I hope you liked this tutorial! I’ve been posting a lot of Autumn themed posts recently, am I overloading you or do you like them? Let me know in the comments!

Should I do more makeup tutorials?

Love CoffeeeAndCream x


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