September Favourites

Happy Thursday! Can you believe that we’re into October already?! This year has zoomed past at the speed of light. However that does mean that we’re getting closer to a Christmas! As soon as it hit October 1st the Christmas ads began to hit the Tv, radio and also YouTube. It’s also officially Halloween month, so there will be spooky themed content coming soon, so keep a look out.

Before I get into those Halloween posts, I have to share my September favourites with you. This month they were mostly fashion based, but I have some good things to show you.

First up is some jewellery. If you remember back to when I started my blog, I posted a Primark haul (Rip Belfast Primark), and I purchased a pack of rings. Cheap ones are best for me as I always end up losing them but I have been wearing them, particularly these two, almost every day for the past month; one of them is actually starting to rust but let’s pretend it’s rose gold, shall we?

These earrings have also been a recent staple. How could they not be? They’re leaves, perfect for autumn! I got them ages ago so I don’t think they’re sold anymore but I believe they’re from Claire’s.

Scrunchies are a big trend right now, at least where I live! Since my hair is quite dark you can’t see my one too well in this photo since it’s black, but I really love the way they look in hair. They add a little something to the hairstyle instead of just using a normal hair bobble, and they don’t leave a kink in your hair when they’re taken out.

The weather is cooling down and I’m here for it! This is my school scarf which is kind of a random thing, but I wear it every day since it’s so cosy. My friends know that I am in love with this, I mean honestly all scarves but I wear this most often because we’re allowed to wear them with our uniform!

I’ve also been wearing these trousers so much! They’re from Topshop which is my favourite place to get clothes, although I don’t do it often because they’re quite expensive. They’re checked print and end just above my ankles which is quite flattering for petite people like me!

In September I ran out of my old moisturiser, so bought this new one and it’s AMAZING. For me it just really makes my skin feel good *(I have oily skin for reference)* and you don’t need to use that much of it on your face.

My final September favourite is Project Runway! I’ve been binging all of the seasons that are on Netflix and it’s so good. Tim Gunn is my new favourite person and all of the pieces the designers come up with are always so interesting and entertaining to watch.

Those were all of my favourites from September! What have you been loving recently?

What Halloween themed posts would you like to see from me? Let me know!

Love CoffeeeAndCream x


21 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. I love all of these favourites! I wish i had the fashion confidence to be able to wear those trousers, they’re so nice! I can’t believe about Belfast Primark burning down, it’s so crazy because i was in the shop while it was smoking! 🤔

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      1. Yeah we went up to Belfast for my friends birthday and we were just walking around and the second i paid we started smelling smoke. We didn’t really think anything of it we just thought maybe another building had gone on fire but we walked out and all we saw was smoke and people videoing! We ran to CastleCourt but then we got told to leave so we had to stay in Cafe Nero until we got our bus home!

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  2. I also lose my rings most of the time so I would better buy those cheap ones too!!! Let’s pretend it’s turning into rose gold!!! Yesss!! I do really enjoy your monthly favorites!! Hope I could share my monthly faves too in the future ♡♡♡ thank you!

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  3. Love this and I haven’t watched Project Runway in forever! I’ve been binge watching Big Brother and Big Brother Canada! But also yes to the scrunchy love!!!

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