How to Have the Perfect Cosy night in

Hey everyone, congratulations for making it to the weekend! Sometimes we’re just too exhausted to go out on the weekends and all we want to do is relax and take a break from work and socialising. Today I’m going to show you the ultimate guide to having the perfect cosy night in so maybe if you’re staying in tonight you can have an evening to yourself like this.

The first thing I like to do is put on my cosiest Pjs and tie my hair up out of my face. I have this onesie that I love from Jack Wills and got for Christmas last year.

To get that ultimate cosy feeling I light a candle on my bedside table and switch on the fairy lights. I’m currently going through the Vanilla and Earl Grey candle from dunes home. Sweet scents are my preference always, what about you?

I have my fairy lights above my bed. They’re actually clips so I put photos of my friends, family, dogs and I hung up! If that doesn’t scream basic, what does?! However, they’re so pretty and give off that warm feeling so they’re a must have.

Before I get settled down I make myself a hot drink (usually coffee) and some sort of comfort food! I don’t always do this but tonight I did… for the blog (I’ll keep telling myself that). My mum brought home some little cupcakes from work and I chose a carrot cake one which was delicious!

Now that I’m organised with everything, it’s time to get into my bed! Blankets and pillows galore is my motto. Especially as we’re nearing the colder months I make sure to wrap up in a blanket to keep warm because I get cold so easily.

It depends how I’m feeling on the night but there are a few different things I like to do to relax. After wrapping myself in the blanket I like to read. I think reading is a great way to not only learn and expand your vocabulary, but also to get lost in a world of other characters. I haven’t had much time recently to do it but am trying to remember to read more. Here I’m reading Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard.

I’ll often also do the classic thing I’m sure we all do – watch Netflix! During the autumn I love to watch the thanksgiving episodes of Gossip Girl as I think I mentioned in my All things Autumn post (What’s thanksgiving without a side of drama, am I right?) but I also love watching crime documentaries at the moment.

For a lot of people, this one might not seem relaxing, it might even seem like work but I really like to plan out blog posts and think up ideas. I keep a notebook beside my bed so I can write down anything that pops to my head I can use. Does anyone else always seem to get the best thoughts in the middle of the night? When this happens to me I can’t get to sleep because I’m getting so excited about the post so I just write it in the book which releases it from my mind, but also helps me remember it when I come to look at the notebook later!

If you’re having a cosy night in, you probably want to go to sleep early-ish. To help me drift into my sweet dreams I listen to calming music or a podcast. I’ve recently become really into podcasts and my personal favourite is gals on the go by Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. If you haven’t listened to a podcast before I urge you to right now! There is a huge variety of topics you can find from crime solving, Ted Talks and girly chats. I like the lifestyle kind of ones that talk about being a ‘Girlboss’ and find them so motivating. These are all of the ones I’ve been listening to:

You can customise your night in to your taste, this is how I usually do it. Here are a few more ideas of what to do, that I haven’t yet covered:

    Have a long bath
    Paint your nails
    Have a pamper night (I’m talking face masks and all that jazz!)
    Snuggle up by the fire
    Build a blanket and pillow fort
  • Embrace your crafty side!

  • That was the ultimate guide to a cosy night in! I hope this inspired you with some ideas or got you in an autumnal mood. If you have any other things you like to do then leave them in the comments.
  • I hope you all have a great weekend with lots of coffee, colourful leaves and pumpkins around you.
  • Love CoffeeeAndCream x
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    22 thoughts on “How to Have the Perfect Cosy night in

    1. There are literally so many things i love about this post! I also love to listen to podcasts, i’ve been OBSESSING over Adulting by Oenone Forbat, you should definintely check it out! I usually love to read as well but I haven’t been reading as much as i’m so busy with school. I’ll definitely have to check out that book though.. is it any good? xox

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Love this post! Can’t go wrong with reading or watching netflix while having a nice, hot drink and smelling the scent of a candle that has been lit up! Cosy nights in are the best!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I love a good old comfort night in! I haven’t had one in a while, and I am so excited for the totally relaxing day I plan to have on Friday.

      I’m similar to you in regards to what I do, except I haven’t lit my candle yet (it’s also sweet – cinnamon pecan roll flavour), but I love to snuggle with loadsa blankets with a hot drink and comfort food too. I usually read or watch something (Drag Race is my go-to but also on Insecure right now), but occasionally will blog too, though I like to do this with a coffee in my local place so I don’t procrastinate, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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