Relaxation is Restoratiom

I did a post a while ago about how to stop procrastinating and also another one on making the most of life, to be honest quite a few ‘girl boss’ themed posts. While contemplating what I was going to write about this week I realised how busy everything has been lately with school, homework, the blog and balancing it all with a social life.

I don’t know about you but when I get home from school or being out, all I want to do is crash into my bed and sleep but I tell myself that it’s wrong, I have to be practising piano, doing blog things or having activities planned.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from procrastination, I’m sure you sometimes find yourself in that mindset where you either don’t have time to relax or you feel as if you always need to be on the go, but it is so important for our mental state to have that time to ourselves every day. Whether that be first thing in the morning, last thing at night or anytime throughout the day, we need a moment to catch our breath and compose ourselves for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, especially if you are a mother, you find it almost impossible to catch a break from everything happening around you but it can end up sending you in a spiral of stress which may lead to the ultimate explosion; which is a lose lose situation for everyone.

A mere five minutes of relaxing can do a world of good, sometimes to be the most productive, you need to recharge to get back at it and reach your full potential.

But How Can I relax?

There are reams of ways to relax, and 5 minutes of some of these methods will really better your day overall:

1. Yoga/Meditation

This does not work for everyone, but a lot of people find this so useful. You can join a class or find a video from the thousands of them on YouTube to use right from the comfort of your own home. Meditation can just be you closing your eyes and being in your own headspace for a few minutes to replenish and recharge.

2. Listen to Calming music or a podcast

A method I sometimes use to get to sleep as well, music calms your brain and you really don’t have to think too much about it.

3. Reading

Reading can let you become lost in someone else’s fantasy world, far, far away from your problems just for a little while. Light a candle, grab some coffee, find a comfy chair and you’re good to go!

4. Practise a hobby you love

Whether that be playing an instrument, baking or knitting, doing something you love will make you happy and release some stress.

5. Write it down

If things are playing on your mind, let all of your thoughts out on paper to clear your head and it will help you be calmer.

6. Exercise

By exercising, your body releases hormones similar to endorphins that improve your mental well-being and make you happier and more relaxed. When I go to the gym I definitely feel stress being lifted away.

7. Go on a walk

I especially love going on walks at this time of year when the crisp leaves are floating to the ground all around me, and appreciating the beauties of nature puts me at ease.

8. Drink a cup of tea

I know this is such a British thing, but drinking tea or green tea warms you up without the caffeine buzz that hypes you up from coffee.

9. Take a nap

Honestly this is sometimes a much needed activity when you’re out being a productive person. It’s exhausting! If you find a spare 10 minutes then go for it.

10. Talk it out

If you need to de stress, grab a family member or friend who doesn’t mind being ranted at and get everything off your chest. Much like writing it down you will clear your head, and you’ll also hopefully get human support this way.

Don’t tell yourself that relaxing is a bad thing or that you’re not being productive by doing it (unless you’ve been procrastinating), because we all need that quiet time to ourselves every day.

Whether that be drinking a cup of tea, going on a walk or reading blog posts, take some time today to de stress and regroup your thoughts. Trust me – your day will be so much better.

I hope this week’s Motivational Monday had inspired you to take a breather this week, that is my challenge to you; don’t forget it! Who’s taking part?

Please comment ideas and topic requests for future posts! Have a beautiful, stress free week.

Love CoffeeeAndCream

8 thoughts on “Relaxation is Restoratiom

  1. This post is amazing! Congrats! I loved reading it and it’s true: we need to find balance between procrastination and working away to much without stopping to breathe. I personally I’m a woorkaholic and very perfection so when I do something I wanted it to be the best of the best, and that pressure is too much to handle. So I agree with you: it takes only 5 minutes to breath, 2-3 times a week to go to the gym or the exercise outside and to not think about anything. Thank you for your amazing post! ❤ ❤

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  2. Love your tips! I find the beginning of the school year to always be so hard because I’m still in the summer mood! For me, I’m typically very active in the morning and at night, I somehow seem to crash in the afternoon. I always have to force myself to get up and do something productive. Lovely post! ♡

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  3. definitely needed this! i’m not a morning person at all, but something that helps is waking up and not getting on my phone right away. trying to avoid social media is a big stress reliever. and always first thing,,,, coffee!!

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