Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup

Welcome to another spooooky post here on the blog! We are now only days away from Halloween, and some of you may still be looking for costume inspiration. If you have, well you’ve come to the right place! The Creepy Clown look I’m going to be writing a tutorial on today not only looks effective, but is incredibly easy to recreate.

First of all I filled in my eyebrows. For this look, go in quite dark so the triangle shapes you will soon be drawing will blend in.

I love the E.L.F brow pencil.

Take any eyeliner (a cheap one will probably be best for this) and draw triangle shapes above your eyebrows, coming from a bit back from the inner part of the brow, to the arch. Draw a dot above each triangle.

Moving onto the eyes, I used the Morphe 35K palette, however any palette with a range of blacks and browns will work.

I began with mixing a few of the brown shades in the middle of the palette and blending them into the crease.

Dip into a dark brown and tap slightly into the black (NOT TOO MUCH). Take it over the same general area as the browns and towards the lid as well.

After that, I mixed a grey shimmery shade and a gold one and pressed them onto the centre of the lid and blended outwards.

Now that the eyes are finished, take your eyeliner again and repeat the triangle process underneath your eyes, in the way that a lot of people apply their concealer. Add the dots underneath too.

For the clown’s nose, draw a circle with the eyeliner. Then take a small amount of white eyeshadow or highlight and dot it into the centre. Only use a tiny amount and blend out to add dimension.

Next, take a red lipstick and apply it as you normally would.

Finally, for the last time pick the eyeliner back up and outline your lips as you would do with a lip liner. Blend it in until you’re happy with how it looks and add more if you need to.

There you have it, the completed look!

What do you think? Are you excited for Halloween and what are you going as? Let me know! I cannot wait for it, I’m doing alien/galaxy style makeup and space buns.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!

(I am so sorry, I had to hehe)

Love, CoffeeeAndCream x


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