Halloween 2018

Hey everyone, can you believe it’s November? That means that next month is Christmas! Before I start into the festive posts I have a few autumnal ones left, so today I’m going to share with you my Halloween 2018!

This past weekend I headed to Autumn Soul, a youth weekend that happens during the final weekend of October every year and it was amazing as always.

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about Jesus, while also having fun with your friends. In the mornings and evenings we had our worship and the praise there is honestly amazing. On Saturday afternoon we chose to go to the mental health seminar, “Fearless minds, fearless feelings”, which tied in with the fearless theme of the weekend.

I didn’t get too many photos but the blurry screenshot below was of my favourite part, the rave on Saturday night.

We were also very lucky this year as the hall we were staying in had heating! My friend and I bagged a space in front of the radiator which was a win.

As soon as Autumn Soul ended on Sunday my family picked me up and we headed up north to one of my favourite places in the world, Portrush. The dogs are absolutely in love with the beach so it was super exciting for them to try there since we haven’t been in a while.

It’s so perfect being beside the beach although it’s freezing at this time of year. We did a bit of shopping on Monday and went to my favourite restaurant The Ramore for dinner on Tuesday before coming back on Halloween, just on time for the party!

Here you can see the look of disgust on Paddy’s face because Bella, the other dog took the ball!

Finally yesterday was Halloween! I hosted my first party which was kind of stressful but I think it turned out quite well in the end! My mum and I went to Tesco beforehand to get food and have a look for decorations, but they were out of stock. However, we did find some non themed decorations and got a couple of free trick or treat signs from Lidl.

We got so many photos and some people came up with amazing costumes while others didn’t dress up at all.

We also had fairy lights up in the back garden that looked quite cute. My favourite part though, was our pumpkin on the table! You might have seen the Cookie Monster pumpkin on Pinterest and I really wanted to recreate it. We couldn’t find the blue paint so luckily we had some blue face paint to use instead. We then stuffed some white socks with tissue and drew on the pupils for the eyes. Of course then we set out some cookies in front of his mouth for the full effect.

My costume was meant to be kind of an alien but I ended up not doing space buns but I did do subtle galaxy makeup which you can’t see in the photo but I did try!

I’m still off until Monday but this week has flown in so far! What did you do this Halloween? Let me know!

Also I’m really sorry for not being able to get this week’s Motivational Monday up, I didn’t have any WiFi or time to write it but it will be up this Monday coming so stay tuned.

What future posts would you like to see from me?

Love CoffeeeAndCream x


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