October Favourites 2018

Welcome back everyone! Yet another month has passed us, so that means it’s time for another favourites. I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping over the past few weeks and have come across quite a few new staple items.

Mom/bootleg jeans

I think mom jeans look so cool, so I went into town to have a look for some, but everywhere seemed to be sold out! We then came across these gorgeous “Mamma Mia” style jeans as my friend called them, in the Menary’s tempest sale from the brand Miss Selfridge for £15.

They are so comfortable and easy to wear; my new favourite jeans!

Teddy Bear Coat

You may have seen this jacket on my instagram (@coffeeeandcreamblog) or I mentioned it in my ‘Favourite Fall Fashion Trends‘ post too. As wintery cold days are upon us, this jacket is my favourite thing to throw on. They’re really on trend right now and keep you warm, so it’s a win-win situation! This one is from Pull and Bear, but I got it last December and I don’t believe it’s in stock anymore. However, you can get these pretty much anywhere now.

Victoria’s Secret Body Spray

My favourite body spray from new look ran out, and was out of stock, so I decided to pick up the Vanilla Lace Victoria’s Secret spray. The smell is quite sweet and warm which is what I prefer over fruity scents. It’s quite similar to my New Look one as well.

Eyelure Eyelashes

I have pretty long natural eyelashes but I really wanted to try some out for the party on Halloween so picked up these N°101 lashes from Eyelure. They’re just so pretty while still being affordable.

Marker pens

Now that we have to make a lot of our own notes in school, I’ve been loving these Måla marker pens from Ikea. I’m one of those people that like to have my notes in multiple colours or I won’t go over them!

I’ve also been using them to plan… Blogmas! If you didn’t know already, this year I am excited to be partaking in Blogmas, where you post content everyday in December leading up to Christmas. If you have any ideas, leave them below. For any bloggers reading, are you participating this year?

Gals on the Go Podcast

I cannot explain to you just how much I love this podcast. These two youtubers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio are amazing humans. They both go to The University of Georgia in America, and started a podcast back in July together. They talk about everything from school, to motivation, to everything lifestyle – right up my alley! If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes and different podcasting apps.

That’s all of my favourites from this month, what have you been loving?

Love CoffeeeAndCream x


23 thoughts on “October Favourites 2018

  1. I can’t wait for the Christmas season and all that comes with it, but I sure love autumn and all the coziness that comes with it! I really enjoyed your list of October favorites. I’ve been eyeing a teddy bear jacket myself… and I may have to check out that podcast! Sounds like it’s a great one. Thanks for sharing your faves! ~Linzi Loo

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