Whimsical White

White. The colour of purity. The colour of goodness.

White can signify a clean slate, a fresh canvas to paint on. A bright new beginning, the start of a new chapter.

Blank and clean, white is easy, simple.

When I think of white, I think of cold snowflakes drifting from the sky, creating a soft blanket over the earth, bringing peace, and a sense of calm.

Snowflakes softly settling of your skin, wintery wonders and dreams of a white Christmas.

Treetops glisten, children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow…

Snowmen, sleighing and snowball fights, days of endless happiness, troubles far away just for a little while out in the freezing but somehow alluring powdery magic lying on the ground.

White is innocent, angels watching over you. A guiding light through the darkness.

Clean linen cupboards, fresh candles, cosy evenings. Bubble baths with books and relaxation. A time to replenish and start over.


Winter is approaching and with that children everywhere long for those magical flakes floating down from the sky, preparing them for Christmas.


CoffeeeAndCream x


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