Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! As most of you know, it’s Mother’s Day next Sunday (if you didn’t, here’s a big heads up – don’t forget like I did a few years back!). I think this day is so important for us to pamper our mothers, grannies and even aunties as they do so much for us – after-all, our mums are the women who birthed us.

Even though we should show how much we love these ladies in our lives every day, Mother’s Day should be made extra special whether that be with cards, gifts or acts of gratitude.

I know that sometimes it’s hard to think of what to get for mum when she already has the best gift she could ever ask for right?… her dearest children!

All jokes aside, a lot of us can’t always afford that luxury holiday to France that we seem to see all over Instagram or a £1000 bracelet from Cartier, but at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts; so although those gifts are extremely nice, something simple, memorable or personal can also be the way to go while you still aren’t drying out your bank account.

Something Simple

There is nothing wrong with getting your mum something simple and classic, like her favourite flowers and a box of chocolate. As we’re entering into the bright Spring months, beautiful flowers are blooming left, right and centre so you could even make a point to gather those flowers yourself if you have somewhere nearby where you can get them.

Better yet, buy her a gorgeous pot of flowers as that way she can plant them in the garden to regrow next year!

Another simple thing you can do is to cook your mum a nice meal or a sweet dessert! I know that our mum works tirelessly at work and then home to slave in the kitchen every day, so it would be a nice idea to let her relax for once by making her favourite meal whether that be a roast dinner, a lasagne or even a dessert such as this apple crumble which I posted the recipe for a while back on the blog.

Even setting the table, setting out some nice flowers in the centre and maybe even creating a menu if you want to go that far would be a nice touch.

Something Creative

Doing something homemade really adds that personal touch to a gift. For example, doing a photo collage, putting your favourite photo of the two of you in a frame or doing a “______ in a jar” DIY always go down well. Whether that be writing down 365 things you love about her to open 1 every day, or arranging a pamper in a jar with nail polish, a face mask and her favourite chocolate bar, your mum will appreciate that thoughtful, homemade gesture.

I know DIYs can take time, but that makes them all the more special!

For Father’s Day a few years ago we actually made him one of these ‘sweet trees’. This isn’t my photo (far too professional!) but we used Liquorice all-sorts as they’re his favourites. You can really do these with anything such as Haribo, Ferrero Rocher or Heroes and they look so cute too! They’re honestly not that hard to make either, I can do a tutorial on them if anyone wants to know how, just comment below.


Although these can be a little bit on the pricier side, sometimes experiences are even more special than material things, because they create happy memories that you and your mum can share. Taking her out for dinner, afternoon tea or a spa day are always great because it gives your mum a chance to relax from her busy life and you get the chance to spend mother and daughter/son time together!

If your mum is more on the adventurous side, organise a trip! I don’t mean necessarily to a different country, but to somewhere exciting in your city for the day. Think about what she’s interested in – is she an adrenaline junkie? A history buff? A music lover?

Whatever you do for your mum this Mother’s Day, whether it’s something simple and classic, something super unique and creative, a fun experience or just your presence (haha), don’t forget the most important thing: to tell her that you love her!

I absolutely love my mum and I’m so grateful for everything she’s done for me throughout my entire life and maybe I don’t let her know that enough, however I’m excited to be reminded to do it more often and to express it next week especially!

What are you doing this year for Mother’s Day? Let me know!

CoffeeeAndCream x

49 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

  1. Such a cute post! And such great ideas😊 I struggle sometimes but sometimes it’s just the little things and making special memories . Great post xx

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  2. These are such cute ideas! I usually go for personalised jewellery, since I’m not creative enough for anything hand made haha! Love this! 💛

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