How to Style Teddy Bear Coats


If you know me you will know that I have an addiction to teddy bear coats (they’re so cosy how could you not?!). During the winter months you will rarely see me without one on – I currently own three of them – but seriously it’s so cold in the UK from October to March so they’re pretty useful for keeping you cosy and cute at the same time.

Fashion is something I’m quite interested in, and have been becoming more and more so over recent years; experimenting with different looks and outfits to see what looks cool paired together, so today I thought that as I’m always wearing teddy coats, I’d share with you my favourite ways to style them!

Also I’m sorry about the pretty poor camera quality, my phone is at the end of its life right now, and I had to take the photos myself at home so bare with me until I can get a new one!

Pull and Bear Brown Hooded Coat

This coat is no longer in stock in the same colour, however you can still purchase it in the same style in red and black.

I got this coat almost two years ago now, actually unintentionally because for my birthday I had ordered the teddy jacket below but it hadn’t arrived for a few weeks so when my mum and I were in Pull and Bear I just decided to get this one instead; however when I got home the original jacket had arrived to my house! I then ended up with two, but loved them both so just decided to keep the pair of them!

The first way I like to style this jacket is simply with a good pair of ripped jeans, a simple top and a belt.

These are one of my favourite pairs of ripped skinny jeans from Hollister, and I like to wear a plain black top with them so as the gold necklace, belt and earrings stand out.

The next way I usually style this jacket is with a jumpsuit.

I got this yellow one from New Look last year from the 915 section and I find that it’s perfect to throw on when you want to look like you’ve made an effort but you’ve really just thrown it on – and it’s comfortable too!

I also paired this with the same necklace as before and a patterned headscarf.

Finally, I find that teddy bear jackets are also a great piece to wear over an outfit to go to parties when the weather is starting to get cold, or when it cools down at night.

Here I styled the jacket with a green Topshop crop top, a Hollister denim skirt; and then some hoop earrings and a necklace I got when I went on holiday to Venice last year (a classic holiday purchase for a lot of us!)

Pull and Bear Black and White Reversible Hooded Coat

This is the original jacket which I ordered from Pull and Bear nearly two years ago, and also accidentally ordered it in a large – it was kind of a mess!

However, it turned out to be one of my favourite and cosiest winter jackets which I wear every time the temperature drops. It’s so useful too as it goes with almost everything, because you can wear it either with the black side out or the white one.

I must admit that from time to time I find myself looking a little like a snowball when I wear the white side facing out, but hey – it’s acceptable during winter, right?

Again, this is no longer sold, however I found an almost identical one from New Look (check it out here).

The first way I like to wear this jacket is with this maroon pinafore dress from a Topshop and a plain white top.

Maroon is more of a winter colour, and the corduroy material make it that little bit thicker – which to me screams cold weather dress – but by the time it gets to winter it’s far too cold to wear it on its own, so the addition of this cosy jacket allows me to wear it but still look stylish without layering other things on top of it.

I also like to experiment with this 70s/80s/90s style with this long sleeved top from Primark, bootleg jeans from Miss Selfridge and my favourite belt from New Look.

With jeans I will either wear them as they are, or sometimes I like to sinch them in at the bottom using a bobby pin and roll them up and wear them with a pair of combat Doc Martin style boots.

When I first saw this jacket, the initial thought that came into my mind was: comfort. That’s exactly what this outfit screams to me.

A lot of the time comfort is key, so I’ll wear this jacket with the white side out and wear a mostly (or all) black outfit. Here I just paired together some plain black leggings and an oversized T-shirt from the amazing charity Nomad, who are part of Youth for Christ NI.

If you have a spare moment, I would really encourage you to check out there website and have a look at what they do, because they are incredible!

Primark Black Coat

I know, I know… I have too many of this style of jacketbut this is the last one, I promise!

I got this black jacket from Primark a couple of months ago when I was out with my mum, so of course ended up getting it! I really love this one because it’s lighter than the other two, so you can wear it during the autumn and early spring months too. I also love the subtle green detailing on the zips which is quite funky.

Annoyingly, Primark still doesn’t have a website that you can purchase from, but if you want to get a closer look at the jacket, it is up on their website for display (check it out here), or alternatively, you could go into the physical shop!

Similarly to the last outfit of the first jacket, I like to wear this over a skirt and a crop top.

This bandeau is from Urban Outfitters and the skirt is from Stradivarius, which I think are quite nice together as the floral pattern on the top and the copper buttons on the skirt stand out quite nicely against the black.

This is actually one of my favourite outfits to wear, pairing these gorgeous trousers with a simple black crop top, each from Topshop.

The trousers are high waisted which are always very flattering, and so comfy too!

The final outfit is again simple and comfy. I paired these black leggings with a long sleeved baby pink top from Topshop.

I like the pop of colour that appears in the top, and I find nice long sleeve tops quite hard to find usually, but I love this one!

With a simple necklace and my hair in a bun; all that’s needed is a big pair of Ugg boots for the ultimate cosy outfit!

As you can probably tell, I love all things cosy, which is why these jackets are my favourite items of clothing to wear. The photos don’t really do them much justice as I’m not quite used to doing this kind of thing, and my phone is on its last legs; however I do hope you get the idea!

What do you think of teddy jackets? Which outfit was your favourite? Would you like to see more fashion posts from me? Let me know!

Love CoffeeeAndCream

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