The Best TV shows and movies to get you in the Thanksgiving Mood

Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate! I’m from the Uk, so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but over the past few years I have discovered that I absolutely love to watch Thanksgiving themed episodes of Tv shows and those CW movies on Netflix. They really get you in the spirit for the holidays.

If like me, you aren’t from the US or other countries that have Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday that happens on the 4th Thursday of November every year. It began when the Pilgrims had the first harvest in the New World in the 1600s. It’s a day where families and friends get together to be thankful (hence the name thanksgiving) for all that they have, and usually have a big, almost Christmas style dinner with pumpkin pie, and often there are parades held in towns and cities.

Even though Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here in the Uk, some good TV is brought out, and I’m going to share with you my favourite episodes.



In total there are 10 Friends thanksgiving episodes which are all amazing. The iconic 6 never fail to make you smile, laugh and cry all at once, and their sense of friendship is really solidified at this time of year.

Gossip Girl

As Blair Waldorf states, “what’s thanksgiving without a side of drama?” The upper east side crew wouldn’t know! If you want a festive episode that will still keep you on your toes without being too heavy, Gossip Girl is perfect. Out of the 6 seasons, there are 5 thanksgiving episodes in total so choose whichever you fancy.

Gilmore Girls

If you want to make yourself hungry this is the one. ‘A deep fried Korean Thanksgiving’ is debatably one of the best Gilmore Girls episodes, where Lorelai and Rory end up committing to four thanksgiving dinners! These two are the only ones who could manage that much food and still have room for extra rolls.

This is Us

The family that tug on our heart stings causing us to go through an emotional rollercoaster every episode are also a family who do thanksgiving right. From food to football games to even getting stranded in a motel for the holiday, the award for the sweetest episode goes to This is Us.

Life Unexpected

Featuring Britt Robertson as Luxe, her newfound parents and family all end up in her dad Baze’s loft for Thanksgiving, which ends in a huge drama when some unexpected and uninvited guests show up and secrets are uncovered. Be prepared for mashed potatoes, madness and lots of marshmallows.


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This is a shorter movie, but is perfect to watch with the family. I’m sure you’ve heard of Charlie Brown, and this lighthearted, warming comedy will instantly put you in a good mood. A positive message is also portrayed for the kids – and who doesn’t love watching cute dogs on TV (or in real life for that matter)?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

If you want some humour and a lot of snow – this film is for you. This 80s movie starring the late John Candy, Steve Martin and even Kevin Bacon has become a classic thanksgiving film in many households around the world. The two contrasting characters; Neal Page, a serious control freak; and Del Griffith, an outgoing ‘take-life-as-it-comesguy; have to share a journey through a snow blizzard to make it to their desired destinations for the holidays.

After watching this, you may find yourself going back to it again and again, even becoming a classic of your own.

Free Birds

For those of you who are anti-holiday or anti-thanksgivingthis one’s perfect for you!

The animation follows the story of birds who travel back in time to 1621 just before Thanksgiving began, to prevent turkeys from becoming the classic festive dinner most people enjoy. Of course along the way, they run into comedic problems which warm your hearts and make your whole family have a giggle… the perfect lighthearted film for everyone!

Home for the Holidays

Aah… so relatable…

This 90s film starring Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. and Claire Danes displays the ultimate dysfunctional family celebrating Thanksgiving together.

When Claudia loses her job, she decides to let her daughter spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend and heads home to her childhood home where her crazy family awaits her. She naturally begins to get fed up of all the chaotic mishap and things aren’t looking so good… that is – until sparks begin to fly between Claudia and her brother’s friend Leo.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving

The final spot on this best Thanksgiving films list goes to none other than Garfield.

Similar to Charlie Brown, this is more of a short film; however it’s a must-watch and a classic all the same. We all know that this orange cat’s life goal is permanently to eat as much as possible so as you can imagine, Thanksgiving is the perfect day for him.

However, when Garfield is put on a diet by the vet what will he do?

There you have it: the best TV picks to spice up your Thanksgiving! If you haven’t already – put those Turkeys in the oven (or not if you’re a vegetarian like me, or agree with Free Birds), sharpen your carving knives and prepare your stomachs for a day of delicious food!

Even if your country doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, take today as an opportunity to reflect on everything good in life and take a moment to tell the people you love that you appreciate them.

What’s your favourite Thanksgiving food and TV special? Let me know!

Until next time, CoffeeeAndCream

10 thoughts on “The Best TV shows and movies to get you in the Thanksgiving Mood

  1. Gilmore Girls is for sure one of the best ones there. Here is Australia you dont really even here about Thanksgiving, so thank you for sharing some info on it! ❤

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