Christmas hampers for every person in your life

We are entering the most equally fun and stressful part of Christmas: buying gifts for your loved ones (and possibly not so loved ones!), but there are some people who are just so hard to buy for. Maybe they have everything, maybe you’re stuck for ideas or maybe they keep telling you they ‘just don’t want anything’ (but we all know that’s not true!)

Something that I have espied is that when you don’t know what to get someone, gift boxes or hampers are an ingenious route to go down for presents as they can contain a little bit of everything, and you can spend as little or as much money as you like.

Well, if you’re perturbed, stress no more because here are some ideas of hampers you can make up for each kind of person in your life.

For the Movie Fanatic

This is a foolproof idea – who doesn’t like movies and food? No one!

Sitting in for a movie night is such a cosy feeling and we all do it once in a while, so fill up a big popcorn bucket with their favourite film, food, drinks and you can even include a gift voucher or two and a blanket or some fluffy socks to really set the tone.

This is also a great activity to do together if the person you are gifting is a significant other, or even a friend.

For the Beauty Queen

This is a great gift for mums and the pampered princesses in your life. Fill this box with bath essentials, nail polish, face masks, their favourite tea and add a candle and some slippers for the ultimate spa effect.

For the Artsy Friend

Our creative friends are often the best at coming up with gifts and even conjuring beautiful homemade items, so it puts you under a little pressure to match their amazing gifts. Fill with craft supplies, funky socks/jewellery/mug etc, a journal or sketchbook for all of their wonderful ideas and drawings; and maybe even a cute succulent!

I also like the idea of including a disposable camera, film and a photo frame as they are affordable and quite a unique gift (something I’d love to receive!)

For the Farmer Friend

A farmer is arguably single-handedly the most difficult person to buy for.

One of the people in my close friend circle is a farmer, and every year when we do secret Santa the person to receive her often struggles as to what to buy her. After spending a lot of time with she and her family during the time I’ve known her, I think this hamper containing a beanie and flask (for those long, cold days out on the farm), hand cream and lip balm (confirmed essentials by them), chutney and/or jam (yum) and a few novelty farmer gifts such as egg cups, framed photo and farm animal socks works perfectly!

For the Tech Whizz

AKA half of the men in my life.

Fill with little essentials such as earphones and a portable charger. Add a voucher for their favourite place and a chocolate phone along with a case (I really like the one pictured above, captioned ‘CEO of the household’ which could be quite fitting!) Finally, I found this really cool mini usb fridge, just big enough for a can of fizzy drink (or something else) which can be plugged into the computer to keep it cool and ready to drink while they’re doing techy things!

The Snow Day Essentials

What screams winter more than snow?

This kit works for anyone who loves a cosy day in: include hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a mug for the cosiest drink imaginable. Snow days are also perfect to bake cookies so put in a mix and even a couple of cookie cutters – this is a great thing to do together. Lastly for the ultimate cosy vibe put in a hot water bottle and some fluffy socks!

I really think hampers are a genius gift to include a little bit of everything; and hey – at least one thing in the box is bound to be good for the person, right?

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “Christmas hampers for every person in your life

  1. Hampers are a brilliant idea, I’ve done them once or two and it’s great because you can tailor it to the recipient and really use your imagination. I love the idea of making them themed – great suggestions, lots of inspiration here!
    Caz xx

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  2. These are so cool!!! I’ve made a couple gift baskets before and whoever I gift them too seem to really enjoy them! My fav is probably the artsy one or the movie one, I would love to receive any of them tho 😉 enjoyed this post xxx 😊
    Btw I’m a new-ish blogger and I just found ur blog and I’m really enjoying it! 💛

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    1. Gift baskets in general are really goo gifts, right?! Welcome to the blogging world and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog it really means a lot! I’ll definitely check out your blog too, it would be so fun to keep up with each other’s posts! xx

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