Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2020

The most loved-up day of the year is fast approaching; some people are scrambling to find last minute dates, some are excited to spend time with their partner, while others are just happy to be single and spend time with the gals. Any of these options are completely fine but the main question is – what are we going to do for a date?

Not to worry – today I have you covered with 14 Valentine’s Day date ideas which are easy and affordable to do!

1.) Dinner and a movie

I know what you’re thinking – but don’t diss this idea. It’s classic and simple but always ends up being a good time. Take your date to their favourite restaurant and then get some snacks and cuddle up in the cinema; or alternatively, cook for them at home and get all of your cosiest blankets and cosy up by the fire!

2). Ice Skating

I think this is one of the best winter date ideas as ice skating is not only fun, but if one of you can’t skate, it’s the perfect opportunity for holding hands to keep each other balanced! This activity is always filled with laughs and the pair of you wobble, stumble and maybe even fall over! Even grab a hot chocolate afterwards to warm up again!

3). A tour of your town

This idea has a very broad meaning. You could pretend to be tourists in your own town and visit all of the “sight-seeing” places, you could visit all of yours and your significant other’s favourite places in the town or you could plan a 3 course meal, going to a different restaurant for each one!

4). Have a spa night

Grab your dressing gowns, face masks and candles and have a really relaxing night with your partner. You could splash out and visit the spa or stay at home and pamper each other. This idea would also be great if you’re going out with the girls instead of a partner this year – the perfect galentines day!

5). Create a scavenger hunt

Many people love to use gift giving as a form of appreciation for their partners, so why not create a game out of it? Bring out the rose petals and little love notes to give clues as to where your gift is. This will be a lot of fun and will certainly make your partner smile.

6). Take a class together

Whether it be cooking, crafts or anything else you’re into, this is the perfect way for you and your partner to get closer while having a lot of laughs together! – and who knows, maybe you could find a new shared love for something?

7). Take a road trip

Somewhere close or somewhere further away, it doesn’t matter. Travelling together is so exciting and fun! Think of the carpool karaoke, snacks and beautiful destinations ou could visit together. The possibilities are endless…

8). Have a karaoke night

Speaking of singing, if you’re looking for a more casual, lighthearted mood for your date, visit a bar or somewhere which is hosting a karaoke night. Just stand up and embarrass yourselves together – afterall, couples who get embarrassed together stay together, right?! Plus, think of the High School Musical moment you two could have up there!

9). Explore the outdoors

It may be winter, but there’s nothing like enjoying nature together. Take a walk or a hike and bring a picnic along with you to share along the way – I’m thinking chocolate covered strawberries, pastries and a nice drink…

10). Visit an amusement park

If you’re lucky enough to live near an amusement park, first of all: I am jealous. And secondly, this might just be my favourite date idea of all time – the Ferris wheel, the games, the junk food – just incredible! Even if it’s just a friend date, how could you pass up this idea?

11). Go dancing

Go to a class, a party or even dance in the street… I really like this idea because it’s really close and intimate – so romantic…

Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to boogie the night away!

12). Make a scrapbook together

If you’re further into your relationship, creating a scrapbook is a great way to reflect on all of the memories you share together (I really love this spread in the photo above). An absolutely adorable idea and a permanent keepsake is the perfect idea – and why not order or cook some dinner together while you’re at it?

13). Mini golf

If you’re feeling competitive, take your date for a game of mini golf (or two). If you want to add some extra spice, make a deal that whoever loses pays for dinner!

14). Visit a museum

Finally, if you two are feeling quirky, visit a museum. Looking at all of the wonderful art and other aspects is not only interesting, but really has a romantic feel to it. I always find that museums have a sense of serenity about them as well, so are the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of this couple infested day (but if you’re going on a date that’s not really a problem is it…)

Those are all 14 of my Valentine’s Day ideas – which one was your favourite? Do you have plans for this Valentine’s Day? Let me know!

Whether you have a significant other or not, I hope you have an amazing day and remember that having a boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t necessary and being single can be equally as beautiful.

Lots of love x


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