Learning to Embrace my curly hair

We all want what we can’t have.

It’s just a fact of life.

Tall girls want to be short, brunettes want to be blonde, curly-haired girls want straight hair. That has been me for most of my life. I

have always received compliments for having ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’ hair as I have grown up with curls – but to me, they’re just inconvenient and a frizzy mess.

Every time I went out, whether that be to events, parties or even just town, I would always straighten my hair, because to me it just looked better.

I didn’t want the constant battle of having to position my hair just right, and hope that it would look fine but always end up putting it up because it was too frizzy or I just didn’t like the way it looked.

I even went through a bit of a crisis and dyed part of my hair blonde, which honestly just worsened the situation.

The more I straightened my hair, the worse it looked when it was natural because I had of course straightened it so much that my hair was quite burned, frazzled and even beginning to split. This, along with me not receiving enough nutrients due to me being vegetarian, began to lead to some issues that didn’t just involve the frizz levels.

Right now I am quite sad that so much damage was done to my hair, because I had to end up cutting it to a length above my shoulders, causing me to say goodbye to the locks which I can now see were beautiful all along, and I was extremely lucky to have them.

I stopped straightening my hair for a while, and even now, about 7 months later, I try to stay away from the straighteners as I am trying to grow my hair back to the healthy state it was once in. I did a lot of research into properly caring for my hair so found some hair tablets, conditioner and cream which I use to maintain its health so I don’t end up having to go through this process all over again.

Although having short hair was fun for a while, I really want to grow my hair back again, so am currently in the process of that, limiting the use of heat products and trying to take care of it properly.

I guess my main message for this post is to embrace you. We are all made unique and beautiful just the way we are, so we shouldn’t feel like we need to change that because of wanting what someone else has. I have spent a long time learning to love my curls, but looking back now I realise that I should have loved them along – but I guess as the saying goes, you don’t truly appreciate something until it’s gone…

This is the current state of my hair – and I’m quite proud of how far it has come. As you can hopefully tell, it’s grown a fair few inches, so hopefully by the summer it will be long and luscious again!

I hope you took away a positive message from this and realise that you should love yourself for who you are. We all struggle with insecurities about ourselves, and the features which we are born with can sometimes be difficult to accept – but they are the things that make us different from the next person.

If you do feel very self conscious about something, or have had a similar experience to me, please let me know in the comments as maybe toy can help someone else who is also going through that.

I hope all of you lovely people have an incredible week – and this week I do want to challenge you to actively try and love that feature that isn’t easy got you to love.

Until next time

47 thoughts on “Learning to Embrace my curly hair

  1. Wow- your hair is looking awesome! I went through a similar thing (except my hair’s wavy). When I was younger, I used to straighten it all the time until it just got so damaged. Then, I ended up giving up heat and my hair has really thanked me for it. I love the state that my hair’s in now, which is something I never thought I’d say!

    Good luck on the rest of your hair journey! 🙃

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  2. Love the positive message that this post holds ✨ I have really curly hair and it used to look fuller but as I’ve gotten older it’s only thinned out which has upset + caused me to wear it back in a bun all the time which can’t be good for it. I’m trying to make more of an effort to wear it down, especially through Spring/Summer 🌞 and then I can hopefully develop more of an appreciation for it. Great post! 💕

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  3. I’m so bad at getting my hair cut regularly… the longest I went without was 18 months, because I was so traumatized from the haircut I’d had! (It looked really bad!) Now I try and go AT LEAST every six months if I can, but I often find that I want to cut it to just below my shoulders, and then I want to grow it out really long and I just can’t decide what I want to do!

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  4. This is an amazing post. I love how talking about embracing your curly hair gives a deep message like this. I have a curly hair too and I used to feel jealous because I couldn’t style it. But now, I think it’s really cool to have curly hair. I don’t struggle to keep my hair in place.

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  5. Wow! Your natural hair is really pretty, this honestly really truly inspired me because I’ve been through that as well, my natural hair is curly and frizzy and I just have too much hair so what I did was always straighten it like you did but then I got sick of straightening it a lot that I payed $150 just to get permanent straight hair for 6 months, and it’s still straight but I just have a few weeks left of it, but with all you have said, I think it’s true and I think we have to accept ourselves how we are because God made us like that. So when my curly hair starts coming back i’m going to start working with it instead of straightening it because it’s not that bad afterall.

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    1. This is a really inspiring story, thank you for sharing your experience! I’m so happy that you’re learning to accept your natural hair too and I wish you all the best for your hair journey xx


  6. I’m so glad you’re embracing your curls and I think they look amazing! I spent a lot of time straightening my hair and damaging it in the process but I stopped straightening it a while back and I’m really glad I did.

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  7. What a lovely post. ❤ Your curls are so beautiful! I only just recently started embracing my curls more as well. I still straighten my hair when I feel like it, but I'm not afraid to let my hair do its thing like I used to be either and it's been really nice. 🙂

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  8. Your hair is so beautiful!! So true that we always want what we can’t have…
    Also, I was wondering where you took that pic in the blue dress with the buildings and mountains in the background? It looks like a place I’ve been and I wonder if it’s the same location!

    Miles of smiles,


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  9. Aww I love this post! I also have very curly hair and for years I hated it. I would always tie it back or straighten it. Then about a year ago I just let it go and embraced my natural curls. It was wonderful, my hair was so beautiful. But, about 6 months ago I made an impulsive decision, a terrible one, and dyed my hair blonde. That killed it! I’ve since dyed it back to brown and it still had a long way to go before being lucious again but I’m finally ready to let me freak hair fly!

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  10. I love this! When I was younger I would chemically straighten my hair because I hated the frizzy curls and really just didn’t know how to style it properly. Even through adulthood I would keep my flat iron close and only “curl” my hair with a curling iron. The heat was slowly killing my hair. During quarantine I really let my natural do its thing, avoided the hot irons and I’m amazed at how much I love my wavy curls now.

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  11. Thanks for the reminder to love what we have. I spent a lot of years wrestling with my curly hair–back in the days before there were so many great products for curls. And I’ve finally learned to love my gray curls, whatever mood they’re in.
    And your hair looks great, by the way!

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  12. Your hair looks gorgeous! Mines naturally straight and I’m trying to curl it more as it adds more volume to my hair as mines very thin now from years of dying it. Beautiful photo’s you’ve shared as well. xx

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