Quarantine Bucket List!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all safe and healthy. I have now been in quarantine for a week; and many of my friends have complained about being bored out of their minds already! However, even though this time is tough for all of us, I decided that I would create a ‘quarantine bucket list’, consisting of things I want to learn, do and achieve, so I can make the best of this situation and not waste time moping.


I haven’t been set any schoolwork really as in most of my subjects we have finished our courses – but I am someone who loves to learn, so I want to use this time to do some things to keep discovering and educating myself!

Firstly, my mum sent me a link to sign up for a British Sign Language course as it was being offered for a reduced price (absolute bargain), so after waiting in the virtual queue for two days, I finally made it to the front and bought my place! So far I have completed the first lesson and have learned the alphabet, how to spell my name and the numbers one to ten. I’m so excited to keep learning this and by the end you also get a certificate which is pretty cool!

My name in sign!

Next, I have decided to study Spanish for A-Level so I’m trying to improve that over the next few months (would you like a post on how to learn a language?)

I have noticed that a common trend for me right now is languages, as the third thing on my list is to learn the flag for each country! The reason that this popped into my head is purely because I was watching tenable last night and there were a couple of questions on flags (could be useful if I ever had to do a quiz?!)

Finally, I’m also hopefully studying history at A-Level, and have always had a huge interest in it, so I would like to really delve into a key period of history and just learn more about it!

Health and Well-being

Even though we are currently pretty much housebound, it’s essential that we keep up with exercise and just general health: both mental and physical.

So far I have been taking my dog on a lengthy walk everyday (remember: one walk a day and keep two meters apart). I would like to keep this up as it not only provides me exercise, but fresh air really does do a world of good.

Slightly out of breath I think…

If I’m not taking Bella for a walk, my goal is to do a run. I used to do the Parkrun sometimes and often find myself on the treadmill when I’m at the gym, but haven’t done that in a while – maybe now would be the perfect opportunity to get back into it?

I’m not the best at drinking water, which you’ll know if you read my New Years goals post way back in January. Who would’ve thought 2020 would turn out like this? Right now I have a big glass of water in my room, so I’m trying to make a real effort to stay hydrated.

Finally, a less serious physical goal is to learn three new TikTok dances. This might be debatable as to why it’s in the health section, however dancing is a sport, so I’m slotting it in!


Thing which are productive don’t have to be ‘work’, but things that keep your mind stimulated.

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of reading but don’t always get time to just sit down and read a book. For me, this is the perfect time to do that! My goal is to read at least 10, but I have five months of free time, so maybe I’ll manage more?

Similar to this, I want to watch 10 classic movies. Although this is also an activity for enjoyment and relaxation I think that watching older films really gives insight into how life was during the various time periods, and the contrasts in films then and films now.

Also, I am hopefully going to be posting some more recipes on this blog as I am attempting to learn to cook. My grandma gave me a vegetarian cook book which she used when my mum was a vegetarian during her teenage years, so keep your eyes peeled for some yummy recipes! Along with this, I would also like to continue my love for baking and create something new!

Next, I already did this the first couple of days of quarantine, but I did a deep clean of my room, and it was incredibly satisfying. Maybe you could do this to your entire house if you’re really feeling productive…

Finally, as I mentioned previously, I am trying to improve my Spanish, so something to aid this process will be music. I’m in the process of creating a playlist of Spanish music to let my ears get more used to the sound of the language; and I’m really loving the songs!


For me, creativity is one of the most important things to keep my mental health up, and I do really enjoy bring creative, so I have quite a few goals under this category.

Firstly, something a little silly that I’ve been doing is trying to colour in each square on a peace of squared paper! I’m not going to lie, the paper is the only thing I took from further maths (oops). If you’ve ever played the app I love hue, this creates an almost real-life version of this. I also love to draw, so I want to do that some more.

I was also supposed to do my Grade 6 piano last week, however the exams were cancelled. Luckily, there is now a way to do them online but I need to learn an extra piece for it; hopefully I can do this during quarantine! I also want to learn another piece for fun.

Another passion of mine is photography, so I’m planning on coming up with ways to take creative photos from home.

I always get my friends to French plait my hair as I’ve never been great at hair, so this is the time for me to do it.

Penultimately, I’m learning to properly and juggle! When I was younger I attended a circus school but never fully grasped juggling, so would love to do it again for fun.

Last, but not least, I want to keep up my blog! This little corner of the Internet is one of my favourite things, and I just love connecting with all of you lovely readers and bloggers!

I hope that this list inspired you with some things to keep the boredom away for a while. If there is anything I can do for any of you, whether that be through these posts or just motivation to keep up your spirits, just let me know.

Keep social distancing, washing your hands and stay safe! More posts will be coming soon, keep a lookout!

CoffeeeAndCream x

24 thoughts on “Quarantine Bucket List!

  1. Having a bucket list is a great idea! We enter week three of quarantine and I have set myself little creative projects as I also find it very soul soothing. One of them was finished last week and I sent them out to my loved ones: a postcard with a little painting as canvas onto which I handlettered a Swiss German word for warm-hearted hug. Sending you one as well and wishing you good health and high spirits 💝.

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  2. This is a great list! I like the idea of creating a quarantine bucket list to pass the time. Two classic old movies I suggest are It Happened One Night and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They both are enjoyable, and they were groundbreaking for their time.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I was supposed to take my grade six saxophone exam in March and that got cancelled too, so I know how you feel. My service isn’t offering online exams, so I’m going to have to wait until Christmas (which isn’t great but we have to focus on public heath at the minute, so is completely necessary).

    This list is so great! I’m also learning sign language, and it’s super fun!

    Good luck in your piano exam!

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