A taste of online school

This time last year the whole world went into lockdown – who would have thought that 365 days later we’d be in the same position?!

I certainly didn’t.

Maybe I was being naive thinking that we would get a few months off school and then it would all be cleared by the end of 2020? During that first lockdown I actually didn’t really have any school work to do as we had reached the end of my GCSE course, so I was honestly just making the most of the free time I had to explore things that I had always wanted to do but never had time for.

This time, it’s different.

The UK was put into a third lockdown at the end of December for at least 3 months, so for me, that meant my first taste of real online school – and it’s difficult! The motivation just doesn’t exist some days, so I thought that sharing what a day looks like for me would bring a little incentive to get some work done; so without further ado, let me show you what a day in my life of online school looks like!

I like to start off the day by journaling, which is a habit I’ve gotten into recently (thanks to Nayna Florence – I love her!) I find that reaching for my notebook from my bed and writing down thoughts swimming around my head always ensures my day is off to a good start – it really puts me in a positive mindset, and has definitely taught me some mindfulness tips.

Afterwards, it’s time for breakfast! I never used to be a breakfast person, but ever since I started doing school from home I find that having something simple like that to look forward to in the morning makes me want to get out of bed.

On this particular morning, I made my microwave baked oats recipe (which you can find here) which has been a favourite of mine recently!

Of course, I always need a big ol’ cup of black coffee to boost my energy too.

9am and it’s time to start the day!

The way my school works is each of my teachers usually hold one zoom class per week and the other days we have that particular class, we’re set work to submit on Google classroom. I personally find that it works for me because I can be a little bit more flexible in when I do my work so I can give myself more time for other things (ie. blogging)

Today was pretty busy because I had 3 zoom classes which is relatively a lot considering you just have to sit in front of a screen and listen for ages – not ideal, but we’ll get through it!

I felt like the day was off to a pretty slow start and I wasn’t getting loads done since I was just sitting listening to my teachers, but that’s what I would be doing in school anyway. Something I’ve been trying to work on is trying to not beat myself up about not being crazy productive 24/7 like a lot of lifestyle/study YouTubers try to promote.

I might do a more in-depth post about this, but I read a really good article about ‘The Fesitshisation of productivity’ which I really recommend you read if you feel the same way as I do. Productivity can be good but it can also become extremely toxic and it has become a kind of measure of success in the study community: the more hours you study, the more productive you’re being, but we have to remember that relaxing is important too, and studying 18 hours a day just isn’t sustainable.

Anyway, after my calls ended I had my lunch and then got on with some Spanish grammar work and essay questions for my other subjects, before relaxing with a cup of coffee and some youtube before dinner.

We had Dominoes pizza as it was my brother’s birthday, and funnily enough it was on national pizza day this year! I had the vegetable one which is my mum and I’s favourite…what are your go-to pizza toppings?

I had a bit of a post-dinner food coma (worth it) so I decided to go for a late night walk which was kind of spooky, but something about the dark and the quiet streets also soothes me somehow. When it’s quiet I can be at peace with my thoughts and just immerse myself in the atmosphere around me while listening to a podcast or some music.

It was freezing because hello Uk winter – but I made sure to cosy up with lots of layers! Walking and getting fresh air is so good for the mind, especially right now so please try and get out as much as you can!

The last thing I really did was come home and work on blog posts for a little bit. I always like to make to-do lists to help me see what I have to get done in a day, and I’ve found that having a digital one on To-do lists is my favourite – it’s so satisfying to see each thing get crossed off as I complete it. I recommend even listing little things like ‘eat breakfast’ or ‘make your bed’ to give yourself a little boost of motivation.

I try to go to sleep before 11:30pm but as I’m sure you know, that doesn’t always work out too well. Sometimes, we just get sucked into a YouTube spiral and next thing we know, we’re watching videos of giraffes in the wild – but hey, that’s life, right?

Obviously, not everyday of online school looks like this: some days it’s honestly pretty difficult to leave my bed and I might end up only completing a couple of tasks from the comfort of my teddy bear duvet. I try to keep weekends free of schoolwork and make them purely about things I like to do which definitely helps me keep on top of things during the week a bit more. What I will say is that it will be interesting to go back to real school when the time comes – will I be able to function for that length of time? Only time will tell!

How are you coping during lockdown? Do you have any tips to stay motivated? Let me know!

25 thoughts on “A taste of online school

  1. I honestly relate so much to this post! Online school has been one of the most hectic things in the lockdown. I really liked the ways in which you keep yourself going and also the point you made about influencers pushing for 24/7 productivity, something that isn’t so realistic as everyone needs a break.
    On another note, I tried the banana and baked oats recipe that you had recommended and I loved it! It’s going to be a regular breakfast item now:)
    Have a great weekend and I’m sure everything will turn out fine at the end! All the best for everything in the future:)

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  2. Online school over here too! It’s so sad because I spent most of my college years sitting at home starting at a computer doing virtual learning. Now I am heading into the senior year of college and still online. Such a shame to have missed out on so much of campus life. But fingers crossed my next semester will be back to normal! My college just released a newsletter saying they will be returning to seated classes next semester! Yippee!
    There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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    1. Aah it’s such a shame that all of this has happened but I do hope you get to experience the final stretch of college actually on campus!
      We found out that next week is our last week of online classes and then we’ll be back so I’m kind of looking forward to it (not the super early mornings though!!)

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  3. It’s so interesting to hear that your teachers only have one zoom class per week. My teachers hold 4/5 of their weekly classes which means I end up having about 7 or 8 classes each day 😩. It really is hard to stay motivated most days!!

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  4. I love this post! It’s so interesting to see how other people are coping with online school. I only have one class with a meeting and it usually lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes everyday except on Thursdays! 🤍

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  5. I’m very grateful that I’m not still in full time time education because online school honestly can’t keep my attention at all. Our college tutors host one weekly lecture and make everything else available online but I still struggle in that one lecture!

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  6. It’s good that you try to have a healthy routine (e.g. journal, breakfast, etc.) while learning online. Hang in there. Hopefully the lockdown will be lifted soon and spring brings nicer weather for you to be outside more often.

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  7. As someone who thrives from ‘doing’ rather than ‘listening’ – I actually hated the lecture style of classes at secondary school and college and would have preferred to have learnt by answering questions or watching videos, which it sounds like some teachers have had to adopt as a result of this pandemic. I ended up doing this when I went to University and I did so much better as a result. Schools definitely need to recognise that not everyone’s learning styles are the same!

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  8. I totally feel you when it comes to beating yourself up for not being “productive” enough. I’ve just learned (and worked to tell myself repeatedly) that it doesn’t make me more productive to be hyper-critical of my own performance. It might not make me feel more productive, but it definitely takes away some of the shame and guilt I feel during those times. Thank you for recommending the article on productivity, I’m about to check it out now!

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  9. Eeek I relate so much!! Lockdown has certainly changed us all. I was also never a breakfast person. Like I NEVER ate breakfast, but now it’s the only thing motivating me to get outta bed lol! 😂🤦‍♀️

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  10. Wow! First, I love the flow of action here.

    As for my favorite pizza topping, 🤔🤔🤔 It would be difficult to choose. I still have a lot to explore.

    Moving on to online school. That’s nothing fun to deal with. However, we don’t have to be beclouded by the negative side of things. We haven’t had tonnes of lockdown here. As a matter of fact, I had online school for few months last year. Other schools here do it till now and I wonder why.

    For healthy tips and motivation this period, I advise we all take deep breaths and stay calm. We should also assure our hearts with positive energy and stir good memories for as long as we can. Staying healthy is a great tip too.

    This period has exposed to me the benefits of staying healthy amongst other things.

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your tips, I really appreciate your positivity and ability to see the good in the situation, it’s so important right now! I have officially returned to physical school so here’s to hoping that was the last online learning period:)

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