The Cutest Pumpkin Rolls

As I am sure you know, this time of year is when bloggers and Youtubers alike become their most basic selves and take advantage of the pumpkin trend. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, pumpkin recipes – you name it, someone somewhere is covering that topic. Admittedly, pumpkins are very cute and make a great ingredient to incorporate into a recipe, so I have decided to … Continue reading The Cutest Pumpkin Rolls

3 Ingredient baked broccoli Falafels

Hello again lovely readers! Last Saturday I decided to cook some broccoli falafels from a new cookbook that we recently purchased. I loved this because you only need 3 ingredients once again, just like the cookie recipe I posted on here way back when I started blogging just over a month ago! I actually forgot to take photos during the process so all images used … Continue reading 3 Ingredient baked broccoli Falafels