The Cutest Pumpkin Rolls

As I am sure you know, this time of year is when bloggers and Youtubers alike become their most basic selves and take advantage of the pumpkin trend. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, pumpkin recipes – you name it, someone somewhere is covering that topic. Admittedly, pumpkins are very cute and make a great ingredient […]

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Heavenly Apple Crumble

Hey guys and welcome back! As promised, I’m here today to share with you an apple crumble recipe. Let me tell you, it is truly heavenly as the title says! Here’s a little sneak peak of the final product, right before I ate it all in my autumn bliss. I’m going to harvest on Sunday […]

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Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

Hello lovely readers! Today is my mum’s birthday, so I decided that I would bake one of her favourite cakes, lemon drizzle. I took this recipe out of Mary Berry’s Simple Cakes book. This is actually a recipe for a tray bake, but I made it in a cake tin instead, however it ended up […]

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The Easiest Cookies

Hello again lovely readers, this is my first proper post here! Today I thought that I would share the easiest recipe I found for shortbread cookies. You only need theree ingredients, can you believe it?! You Will need: 150g plain flour 100g butter 50g sugar A mixing bowl A fork A cooling rack A baking […]

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