Whimsical White

White. The colour of purity. The colour of goodness. White can signify a clean slate, a fresh canvas to paint on. A bright new beginning, the start of a new chapter. Blank and clean, white is easy, simple. When I think of white, I think of cold snowflakes drifting from the sky, creating a soft […]

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A Star is Born Review

Hello everyone! Last night I had the opportunity to watch A Star is Born at the cinema with my friend, and I decided to share with you my thoughts and a review of it! If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, this is arguably one of the most popular movies […]

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Motivational Monday 10: Fear

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe we’re already at the 10th Motivational Monday post! It seems like just yesterday that I decided to start up this series, but it was TEN weeks ago, well, 11 now…sorry! Halloween was only two days away, so I felt that fear would be a fitting topic for the week. […]

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October Favourites 2018

Welcome back everyone! Yet another month has passed us, so that means it’s time for another favourites. I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping over the past few weeks and have come across quite a few new staple items. Mom/bootleg jeans I think mom jeans look so cool, so I went into town to […]

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Halloween 2018

Hey everyone, can you believe it’s November? That means that next month is Christmas! Before I start into the festive posts I have a few autumnal ones left, so today I’m going to share with you my Halloween 2018! This past weekend I headed to Autumn Soul, a youth weekend that happens during the final […]

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My Humorous Halloween Fails

Happy weekend! I don’t know about you, but I only have one more week of school left before I’m off for half term and Halloween! This year I’m having a sort of house party which I might do a post about (planning and also the actual party) that will be up after it happens. I […]

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