A Day Down in Dublin

I’m dreaming of days like this again… As my country is so small, I love that I’m able to just hop on a train and head to an array of cool places for the day – and make it back for bed time! Whilst lockdown restrictions had been eased last August, I experienced what was to become the highlight of my 2020; and as I … Continue reading A Day Down in Dublin

‘There’s a world outside your window’…

Although it’s not Christmas time, Band Aid has really resonated with me over the past few weeks. We’ve all been taking more walks than ever to escape from the confined space of our own homes and work up to those coveted 10000 steps each day – I don’t know about you, but for me that has led to the discovery of an abundance of fascinating … Continue reading ‘There’s a world outside your window’…

Belfast, brunch and botanical gardens

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t had a casual ‘chatty’ post in ages, and I really miss doing them! The truth is I haven’t been doing much that would be classified as worthy of a post as my life has been consumed with GCSEs (and it’s about to get worse…). However, luckily we got a little half-term break: sort of the calm before the … Continue reading Belfast, brunch and botanical gardens

A trip to the Christmas markets

Places such as Belgium, Germany and Denmark are renowned for their magical markets that include a myriad of food, culture and all things Christmassy; but here in the Uk we undeniably have some beauties too, including the capital of our little part of the world: Belfast, Northern Ireland. Each year, the markets located in the centre of the city are swarmed by flocks of people … Continue reading A trip to the Christmas markets