The most Inspirational Women

After centuries of “women belong in the kitchen”, “a woman’s job is to be a mother and nothing more” and “the husband should be the provider”, the 21st century is all about female power! There is an array of powerful women who influence and inspire the nation, thanks to many others paving the way for what we women are able to do and achieve today: … Continue reading The most Inspirational Women

Recent Reads, TBR and Book Haul!

Hey everyone! Recently I realised that my byline for CoffeeeAndCream is baking, books and everything in between, yet I have never actually published a full post centred around books – which is weird because I have always loved to read. That’s why today I am bringing you a HUGE post on everything reading related. I fell out of love with reading for a little while … Continue reading Recent Reads, TBR and Book Haul!

Post-Halloween Pumpkin Soup recipe

Hey everyone! Sadly Halloween is over for another year – all the costumes and decorations are being put away to prepare for Christmas (and Thanksgiving if you celebrate). I don’t know about you, but as soon as the 1st of November comes along I am all about Christmas… but what about those left over pumpkins from Halloween? It just seems like such a waste to … Continue reading Post-Halloween Pumpkin Soup recipe

The simplest 3 Ingredient scones

Baking is something that can be so fun, therapeutic and most importantly: tasty! However sometimes we find ourselves attempting (and failing miserably) to create some kind of fancy triple-nutritious-keto-gluten free-vegan extravaganza when all we ever wanted to do was chill out and bake something easy that would’ve tasted just as good. This is why I’m a huge fan of 3 ingredient recipes, such as the … Continue reading The simplest 3 Ingredient scones