Motivational Monday 10: Fear

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe we’re already at the 10th Motivational Monday post! It seems like just yesterday that I decided to start up this series, but it was TEN weeks ago, well, 11 now…sorry! Halloween was only two days away, so I felt that fear would be a fitting topic for the week. However, I didn’t get further than this and missed the … Continue reading Motivational Monday 10: Fear

The Cutest Pumpkin Rolls

As I am sure you know, this time of year is when bloggers and Youtubers alike become their most basic selves and take advantage of the pumpkin trend. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, pumpkin recipes – you name it, someone somewhere is covering that topic. Admittedly, pumpkins are very cute and make a great ingredient to incorporate into a recipe, so I have decided to … Continue reading The Cutest Pumpkin Rolls