What I’ve Read Recently

Hello hello hello – happy Easter weekend! I hope you’re having a day or two to relax and recuperate (maybe with a good book?) If you are planning on spending some time this weekend reading, you might even find some inspiration from the books I bring you today because there were definitely a couple of gems in this roundup. If not, I hope you still … Continue reading What I’ve Read Recently

Recent Reads, TBR and Book Haul!

Hey everyone! Recently I realised that my byline for CoffeeeAndCream is baking, books and everything in between, yet I have never actually published a full post centred around books – which is weird because I have always loved to read. That’s why today I am bringing you a HUGE post on everything reading related. I fell out of love with reading for a little while … Continue reading Recent Reads, TBR and Book Haul!