Learning to Embrace my curly hair

We all want what we can’t have. It’s just a fact of life. Tall girls want to be short, brunettes want to be blonde, curly-haired girls want straight hair. That has been me for most of my life. I have always received compliments for having ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’ hair as I have grown up with curls – but to me, they’re just inconvenient and a … Continue reading Learning to Embrace my curly hair

Why I chose vegetarianism

On Valentine’s Day 2018, most people were out eating a romantic steak dinner for two, dipping marshmallows in a chocolate fountain or munching on heart-shaped gummies in the cinema – but not me… This was the day I changed up my lifestyle and cut out meat. But why? Nowadays I hear that vegetarianism or veganism is merely a trend that millennials are getting sucked into … Continue reading Why I chose vegetarianism

Favourite Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Welcome back! Today I am so excited to be collabing with @fashionablybrooke ! I really recommend following her blog and Instagram! We though that we would both share our favourite fashion trends for autumn/fall this year. There are so many gorgeous styles this year so I’m going to show you my top 5. Her favourites should be up on her blog! 1.Animal Print Starting off … Continue reading Favourite Fall Fashion Trends 2018