How to make THAT Dalgona ‘whipped’ Coffee

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’re all well! Now, it has come to my attention that since creating this blog almost TWO years ago (crazy!!), I have not written a post which is 100% dedicated to coffee – so today is the day. If you’re an avid TikTok scroller, coffee lover or recipe scavenger, you might have seen the nation’s new addiction that’s taking the … Continue reading How to make THAT Dalgona ‘whipped’ Coffee

Why I chose vegetarianism

On Valentine’s Day 2018, most people were out eating a romantic steak dinner for two, dipping marshmallows in a chocolate fountain or munching on heart-shaped gummies in the cinema – but not me… This was the day I changed up my lifestyle and cut out meat. But why? Nowadays I hear that vegetarianism or veganism is merely a trend that millennials are getting sucked into … Continue reading Why I chose vegetarianism

The simplest 3 Ingredient scones

Baking is something that can be so fun, therapeutic and most importantly: tasty! However sometimes we find ourselves attempting (and failing miserably) to create some kind of fancy triple-nutritious-keto-gluten free-vegan extravaganza when all we ever wanted to do was chill out and bake something easy that would’ve tasted just as good. This is why I’m a huge fan of 3 ingredient recipes, such as the … Continue reading The simplest 3 Ingredient scones