Vegetarian Myths: Debunked

Have you ever heard your friends say to a vegetarian, ‘look at this delicious, juicy burger – I bet you’re jealous’ or ‘don’t you crave McDonald’s chicken nuggets sometimes?’ Maybe you’re the vegetarian these comments are directed at. Maybe you’re the one making the comments. There are so many misconceptions and myths about what being a vegetarian actually means; whether that be concerning the nutritional … Continue reading Vegetarian Myths: Debunked

Top Ten Quick and easy go-to Vegan Snacks

Hello lovely reader, happy weekend!! I hope you’re spending some time relaxing or at least have something nice planned over the next couple of days – and if not, why not do a food marathon of all the snacks I mention today? Following a vegan/vegetarian diet can be difficult when there are so many things that contain animal products and branded vegan foods can be … Continue reading Top Ten Quick and easy go-to Vegan Snacks

Why I chose vegetarianism

On Valentine’s Day 2018, most people were out eating a romantic steak dinner for two, dipping marshmallows in a chocolate fountain or munching on heart-shaped gummies in the cinema – but not me… This was the day I changed up my lifestyle and cut out meat. But why? Nowadays I hear that vegetarianism or veganism is merely a trend that millennials are getting sucked into … Continue reading Why I chose vegetarianism