A trip to the Christmas markets

Places such as Belgium, Germany and Denmark are renowned for their magical markets that include a myriad of food, culture and all things Christmassy; but here in the Uk we undeniably have some beauties too, including the capital of our little part of the world: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Each year, the markets located in the centre of the city are swarmed by flocks of people to take in the enchantment that is the Belfast Continental Christmas market, including myself (who usually ends up making at least 3 trips!)

As you’re probably aware by now, I adore taking photos of all things, particularly things that really capture the festive magic of Christmas, so of course always have to snap a million photos of the markets and share them with you lovely readers!

We went for the first time this year on Black Friday to do a spot of Christmas shopping at the same time (don’t tell my teachers we left school for that though haha!)

The mountainous tree can be seen from everywhere nearby, covered in pretty lights and a perfect photo spot! It must be a struggle getting all the lights on though…

There are stalls selling anything and everything you could imagine: fake snow, Christmas decorations, kangaroo burgers – you name it.

The lights shine from every window at the City Hall, and if you’re of age – why not stop for a drink at Laverys or any of the drinking tents? It’s a Northern Irish necessity.

For us teens though, we wander towards the mouth-watering smell of the food. From this fan favourite stall you can purchase crepes, waffles or churros with anything you like: sweet, salty, sour or spicy.

We opted for our annual churros with chocolate of course! (It’s a classic and cannot be avoided – although, last year’s were a tad bit dodgy not going to lie…)

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, the Christmas markets contain some really beautiful and unique items. If not, it’s still wonderful to just wander around and take in the sights and smells as the cold winter air dances around you.

This windmill-looking thing looks so pretty in the light, so you can only imagine how gorgeous it looks at night.

A child’s favourite: the Helter Skelter. The views as you’re sliding down; so dreamy.

Before you go, it’s essential to check out the tree inside the City Hall too with its grand red ribbon, golden lights and shining star almost reaching the stars.

When we visited we decided to take a little break and sit in the empty area nearby where it was quieter and just watching the bustle and business of the market going past gave me a strange sense of nostalgia and wonder almost as if I was watching a movie, and we watched the sun set behind which was truly heavenly.

If you ever get the chance I urge you to visit the Belfast Christmas markets to experience the culture, beauty aromas of this festive event which is something this city takes a lot of pride in and is known for at this time of year.

I would love to visit the Christmas markets around the world, particularly in Belgium as they look spectacular, so maybe in a couple of years I can go and share with you that experience?

Do you have a Christmas market in your town? Which markets are on your list to visit? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “A trip to the Christmas markets

  1. We moved to Berlin this year and were shocked when we found out how many Christmas markets there can be in a single city (I think more than 20)! I’ve only managed to check out two so far but I’m planning on going to at least one more before Christmas.

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