20 Halloween Costumes you Already Own

Hello lovely reader! As you probably all know by the blogtober posts floating around, it’s nearly Halloween! I don’t know about you, but every year spending heaps of money on a Halloween costume that you’ll only wear for a couple of hours seems so pointless. So why don’t I come up with a costume idea using items I already have in my house? Homemade costumes are the best way to go, especially if you have last minute arrangements and find yourself stuck for a costume!

I have 20 costume ideas to share with you today that I guarantee you at least have a lot of these items, or a variation of them, in your house right now. If you find some inspiration then your bank won’t be broke and you can save your money for the upcoming festivities of Christmas!

Without further ado, here are 20 Halloween costumes that you already own…

1. A clown

Clowns are all about colour (that is, unless you’re thinking about a horror movie clown), so pick out the brightest trousers you have, throw on a rainbow top, borrow your dad’s loudest bow tie and paint your nose red! Face paint might be a better option than red lipstick, but it works too if you don’t have any in your house.

2. A cowboy

I have zero doubt in my mind that you own a flannel, I mean who doesn’t, they’re perfect for fall! Tuck it into any jeans, add some boots and a hat and you’re ready for the rodeo!

3. An angel

For this, all white is the way to go. You can DIY a halo by wrapping a pipe cleaners around a headband like above, and you don’t even need the fairy wings if you don’t want to.

4. A devil

On the other end of the spectrum to the angel, black and red are key. Adding red lipstick really just completes the look.

5. A doll

This one can go one of two ways: extremely cute and girly or quite creepy. A pink dress and pigtails are the main costume pieces but you can experiment with the makeup to give your look one of the two feels. Blush, pink lipstick and freckles can make you look adorable. However, it could look quite scary if you use an eyeliner to create a cracked porcelain look on your forehead and make yourself look broken and worn using pale base makeup.

6. A zombie school girl

I actually dressed up as this a couple of years ago. Find a top or shirt that you don’t mind ripping up and then go crazy. A black skirt and loose tie give that schoolgirl look as if you’ve been turned during the apocalypse, and I just loved the makeup in the above photo.

7. Where’s Wally?

Or where’s Waldo in some places! This is one of my favourite costumes, it’s so cute. A red and white striped jumper and hat with some Harry Potter style glasses and anything blue on the bottom.

8. Katniss Everdeen

Another previous costume of mine, one of our favourite movie character: Katniss Everdeen. A leather style jacket, combat boots and of course the two key items we associate with Katniss which are her classic side braid and her bow and arrow.

9. A Leopard

As animal print is a huge trend right now, I thought that I would switch out the classic Halloween ‘Black cat’ for the fierce leopard. A skirt like this is on my clothing wish list at the moment, but this look would be so on trend as well as cute!

10. Regina George

Mean Girls is a firm favourite among the majority of people, and is renowned for the Halloween party. Cady maybe didn’t have the best costume, but Regina is a really good one to dress up as. Take a white vest top and cut two round holes in it to recreate her look!

11. An m&m

All you really need is a T-Shirt of any m&m colour, print out the M shape to stick on the front and you’ve turned yourself into a popular Halloween candy.

12. A Robber

This costume is a creative way to carry your sweets if you’re going trick or treating. With your black and white stripes get a potato sack and print out a dollar sign to stick on and you can put your loot inside. It’s also incredibly simple to cut out a mask for your eyes with some black card/paper and some string.

13. A minion

This one is adorable! Most of us have watched despicable me, and the minions are absolutely charming. On the front pocket of the dungarees, print out a Gru symbol and add some minion goggles if you like to complete the look.

14. A Hippie

There are extensive ways to create the Hippie/Festival/Flower Child look, but flower crowns, peace signs and flows trousers are a solid place to start, you can’t go wrong!

15. A tourist

This would be so fun to play the part of. Have you ever watched the movies with all the crazy tourists taking photos left, right and centre? If you’re into photography this is a good way to incorporate a camera into your costume to take photos. You could also just get a fake one from somewhere such as Amazon if you don’t own a camera.

16. Rosie the Riveter

Inspired by the beautiful world war 2 poster icon, this also is an on trend look with the head scarf while including that classic red lip and effortless messy bun.

17. A Brain Storm

This one is a really fun look to create. Print a lightening bolt to stick onto a grey top. For the rain cloud cotton wool and you can find something to use as a brain on top. Silver bead stings work well for the rain. This is a really creative costume and people will love it!

18. Princess Leia

For all you Star Wars fans out there, here you go! I like the more casual version of her look so used a high necked sweater and white denim skirt instead of her sheet dress. Her space buns are very easy to recreate. All you need to do is put your hair in pigtails and then wrap it around into the circular shape like above. For the belt, use white and silver card or just use a silver belt you already own.

19. On safari

Khaki coloured trousers can sometimes look very Degrassi Next Generation school uniform, which we do not want, so I prefer shorts with it! Although you might suit those kind of trousers so go for it if you want!

20. Cher from Clueless

Onto the last costume for this post. Another classic universal movie and iconic character! She is known for her checked skirts and shopping addiction and it not only makes a pretty Halloween costume, but can be adapted for every day wear.

Phew! That was a long post today, I hope you found some inspiration if you don’t have a Halloween costume yet this year. If you already have one, what are you dressing up as and what are you doing this year?

Should I make this into a yearly series? Comment below!

Love CoffeeeAndCream x

19 thoughts on “20 Halloween Costumes you Already Own

  1. This is really thoughtful! I have some of the stuff recommended in this post in my wardrobe too. Now all I need is face paint and I’m sorted for this year 😁👏🏻


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it’s awesome that you came up with so many DIY costumes out of every day clothing! I think so many people have trouble not only finding costumes that fit the budget but also ones that are last minute and easy! I will definitely be taking these into consideration when coming up with my own costume ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad it helped! I find that a lot of bloggers and youtubers are always using expensive and high end products, and that’s great for them to be able to afford, however I for one can’t afford it just like a lot of people so I like to keep within relatively cheap budget for posts:)


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